Friday, August 7, 2009

Sharing some of my life with the R.A.D. Community. (A suggestion from a friend)

Dear All, Since some of my friends think that I talk plenty of R.A.D. and nothing of myself, I thought I would share some outdoor pictures and some odds and ends with the community since many of you don't know a thing about me! :) :) So here goes!!!! Comments welcome!!!

Me taking a rest at the top of Hocking Hills. That hike damn near killed me!


A primitive survival shelter.

A general pack loadout, cold weather operations

It was 20 degrees that day, Ohio River!!

10 degrees outside. Ohio River banks. Note the primitive Shelter! I was cooking food on fire heated rocks!!

Hiking at Eastfork Park. I didn't have a pack on because #1 way too warm #2 it was only a 7 mile hike through some basic hilly terrain. Note the military water canteen!

Me building a primitive hunting trap. No animals were harmed, simple a teaching tool.

A beautiful sunset picture on the ohio river bank. What you don't see is the 10 degree wind.

4am, building a firecone in 5 degree air.

My "walk for adoption" It was a 55 mile trek from Cincy to Dayton. Took 3 days. Not one news carrier covered the walk. Of course.

Me in my vagabonding outfitting. Notice the military trowel.

The view from the remote "Courthouse Rock" in the Red River Gorge. Note the military hunting/survival knife! Saweet!

Fall camping at the gorge. Note the firewood layout.

Me during my 55 mile trek to Dayton. I couldn't life weights, so I chopped alot of wood that day.

So there I am!!


Mama Caguama said...

Thanks for sharing Mike! Thinking of you and wondering if you've ever heard of The ManKind Project?

My husband went through his "Warrior Weekend" 5 years ago and it profoundly changed his life and our marriage. My guess is you've done a lot of the kind of work they do already - but you could still have a great weekend experience.

It's the group of men that you meet and the kinds of bonds created long after it that makes me think of you. After the initial weekend you can "staff" other weekends. My husband has even staffed weekends in prisons. --anyway, I just thought of you, what you could get from a weekend as well as all that you have to give.

john said...

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