Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R.A.D. And Religion (Follow up to email)

Dear All,

I recieved an email today with some words of encouragement from a fellow blogger. This person thanked me for my writeup about R.A.D and religion and urged me to continue to write. Yes, it's dangerous. Yes, to tell a R.A.D. child they are going to hell for something they may have already done is terribly dangerous.

This blogger sent me a video link of something I thought I would share with my fellow readers. This my friends is simply shocking. I don't know what to say. To subject ANY child to this..let alone a R.A.D. child is simply unbelievable. I don't know what to say.

Thank you for sending this to me (You know who you are). I will let the video speak for itself. Thank you for encouraging me to continue writing even though I have gotten alot of hate mail these days.! LOL

One word: Wow

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Isn't it God who tells people whether they are going to heaven or to hell or somewhere else, not human beings?

And some people think they're going to hell because of what they ARE or what other people think they are.

"Harry Potter would have been put to death ..."

Those poor sweet children.

Yes, children do have to be aware of hypocrisy and truth, but they have to have their own values first or be grounded in the values of their family and society.

And how the brown-haired boy broke down.

The man with an English accent who said the children were going to be 'on fire'.

I don't know about the anti-government sentiment which is being shown.

It really heightens up the children's emotions. It would be called mass hysteria.

And the little girl who gave the fair-haired boy the tissue. And one of the elder girls who was crying.

Then there is dancing and a concert. 'This means war. This means war! Are you part of them or not'.

Now Rachel is bowling. She is witnessing too - 'special plans in your life'. And what she says at the end is what I would say as well about the judgement of man versus God.

It fits in with a lot of 'coercive therapies'. I do notice that there are a lot of conservative Christians in the movement. (Walter Buenning says as much ... he works especially with infants).

I also understand that a lot of people who may have been diagnosed with RAD may have problems with religion, in terms of creating a representation of the father or mother, and in being in a church community that is appropriate for their needs. Which is what I was hinting at in my second paragraph.

And people may use church to isolate themselves. This happens everywhere from the Exclusive Brethren to the Children of God/Family of Love International (in comparing their texts and writings, I find some similar trends) to the example on the film, the Pentecostals.