Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your not the "Meanest Mom Ever" RE: Mary The Mom

This is in response to a very lengthy and emotional post from another R.A.D. parent reaching out. This comment was from my previous post about Cathargic Reaction to A/V stimuli

No, your not the "meanest mom" ever.

“So my question is, am I the meanest mom ever? Would it have been helpful to you as a teen to have your media "censored?" I realize this doesn't change their past at all, and they ARE dealing with the issues media could be bringing up both in therapy and really all the time, but I don't think they need the exposure to upsetting media all the time.”

Dear Mary The Mom,

Ironically, for not being a professional therapist, I get the same “am I the meanest mom ever???” question almost daily now. My resounding answer most assuredly is NO. I am of the belief that while being a mom or a dad is a great thing, there is a limit to the amount of “coolness” or leeway that you can provide. If you feel that they don’t need the added pressure and exposure to certain media, be firm and be confident in the fact your making the best call that you can. You’re the mom and that’s the way it goes.

I find it refreshing that you want to be able to filter what your kids see. I think that in today’s society it’s easier to toss a child a T.V. while parent’s pursue other interests. It speaks volumes to me that you want to have such limits in the interests of your children’s safety in your household. It’s a very inspiring value.

“The meanest mom ever” comment of course is not accurate and remember with R.A.D. kids, no how matter much they push your buttons and give you trouble, don’t take it personally. Their outbursts aren’t about YOU it’s about THEM. I remember holding a knife to father’s throat, not wanting to kill him of course, but to assert authority. It wasn’t about him, it was about MY anger.

Sounds to me like your making the call for your family that you have to make, in a society that tells you to do otherwise. Your sticking to your guns and your values. I think your kids will not only say “Thank you” one day for your sense of values you have impressed upon them, but the “Greatest mom ever” mug you eventually receive from appreciative young adults will prove me correct.

Sincerely with regards and the warmest of wishes,

Michael Sansone


Christine said...

I proudly wear my "Meanest Mom Ever!" patch on my RADtastic vest. It's a hologram, so when the light hits it just right, it actually reads, "Dang, She Really Does Love Me"

marythemom said...

Thanks Mike! As you requested, here's the link to my responses to your posts and e-mails on my blog.


Lisa said...

I've got the vest too but it's not near as cool as Christine's. ;D